If you rent a house or an apartment, it's very beneficial to know the laws that protect tenants. Hi, my name is Sally Riddell and when I moved into my first apartment, I wanted to make sure that I knew all of the laws concerning the rights of tenants. I researched tenant laws and I also spoke with a family friend who is a lawyer to make sure that I understood my responsibilities and rights as a tenant. Because I knew this information before I started renting my apartment, I felt confident when signing my rental agreement. If you're considering living in a rental home or apartment, I suggest that you read my blog first. If you are already renting, this blog will also help you if you ever have any concerns.

Managing And Mitigating Your Business’s Legal Liabilities

13 March 2019
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The legal liabilities that a business will have to face can be an immense risk to both the owner and the enterprise. While concerns about these liabilities can cause some individuals to avoid entering the world of being a business owner, there are many effective strategies that can mitigate the legal risks that a business owner will face. Have Any Major Agreements In Writing There are many major agreements that your business may enter into with suppliers, customers, and other associates. Read More …

Understanding And Handling A Worker’s Compensation Dispute

4 February 2019
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Dealing with a workplace injury is not a pleasant process. Not only will you need to experience the physical and emotional effects, but a workplace injury may also affect your ability to work and earn an income for yourself and your family. Thankfully, worker's compensation is possible. However, many worker's comp claims may be disputed by the actual employer and their insurance company. If your claim is being disputed, this guide will help you understand why and what you need to do to ensure you receive compensation for your injury. Read More …

How A Quiet Title Action Can Clean Up The Record Of Ownership On A Property

23 December 2018
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When you've found the perfect real estate deal for either a residential or commercial property or find a buyer for a piece of property you own, you naturally hope that everything will go smoothly -- but a title issue can derail the entire process. Often, a quiet title action can help. A quiet title action can accomplish two goals: it can settle any questions about who really owns the property and it can also " Read More …

Steps For Those That Have Been In An Auto Accident

12 November 2018
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An automobile accident can be one of the most serious and dangerous experiences that you can have. The damages and losses that may occur as a result of one of these accidents can be extensive, which will make being able to respond in an informed and effective way critical. Always Obtain An Accident Report In the legal aftermath that can follow a major automobile accident, there can be a tremendous amount of disagreement between the two parties over the basic details of the accident. Read More …

A Few Things To Know If You Are Summoned For Jury Duty

1 October 2018
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As a citizen of the United States, you may be summoned to appear in court and act as a juror. While you may be less than happy with the summons, you need to understand that you cannot just ignore it. You will probably end up with a bench warrant for not showing up and will end up in court anyway, just not on the right day and not to sit in judgment of someone else. Read More …