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What You Need To Know About Slip And Fall Accidents

19 February 2021
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A slip and fall is a personal injury case where a person sustains injuries after tripping on another person's property. Slip and fall accidents are categorized as premises liability claims. This is because they occur on premises owned by someone else. Some of the conditions that can result in slip and fall accidents include wet floors, poor lighting, and torn carpeting. Slip and falls also occur outdoors because of ice, snow, rain, or hidden hazards like potholes. Read More …

How A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Applicants

21 January 2021
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If you have a disability and are in desperate need of some kind of benefits, working with a Social Security Disability attorney is your best move. They understand the process and the steps coming your way, which will help you face a less difficult road ultimately. Review List of Accepted Impairments Even when conditions are severe, unfortunately, they're not always accepted by Social Security. You need to understand for certain if your attempts to apply for these benefits are worth the effort you put into them, and a Social Security Disability attorney can help with this by going over the list of accepted impairments. Read More …

Who Pays The Medical Bills In A Personal Injury Case?

15 December 2020
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When someone goes to a personal injury law firm for advice, they're likely to have questions about who is going to pay their medical bills. As is often the case in law, the answer depends on several factors. Here are three things all potential claimants should know about who will probably pay the medical bills in an injury case. Insurance Insurance companies may have roles to play in two aspects of an injury case. Read More …

What If Your Child Is Injured In A Car Accident?

18 November 2020
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It's every parent's worse fear: getting a call that their child has been injured in a car accident. If you have experienced this fear in real life, you are not alone. Many people get the news that their child has been injured, and they want to know what to do next. When your child is injured, you may want to know if you have a personal injury case. You just might. Read More …

How Can You Beat A Traffic Ticket Far From Home?

20 October 2020
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You may have heard that police target drivers from other states for speeding tickets because those drivers can't come back to fight it. There may be some truth to this in more notorious speed trap areas, but being out of town doesn't mean you can't fight your ticket. Here's what you can do. Negotiate the Ticket Some areas may negotiate a ticket down to a lesser one. For example, you might get a speeding ticket with a $300 fine that you know will also cause your insurance rates to go up. Read More …