When To Hire An Attorney For Your Worker's Compensation Claim

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When To Hire An Attorney For Your Worker's Compensation Claim

2 January 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Understanding the best route to take when you've been injured at work can sometimes be a bit confusing.  If you work for a company that has a widely posted plan in place for anyone who happens to hurt themselves on the job, you may believe that you can simply contact your employer's insurance company, file a claim and quickly receive restitution.  However, there are certain instances where you need to obtain legal representation if you want your claim to be processed efficiently.  Use this information to learn more about when you should hire an attorney for your worker's compensation case.

Your Initial Claim Was Denied

If your initial worker's compensation claim was denied, it is definitely time to hire an attorney.  Filing an appeal without the assistance of a legal professional can be detrimental because your employer may have compiled a great deal of evidence so that they can refute your claim a second time.

For example, if you filed a claim because you fell on the job and hurt your leg, your employer's insurance company may have conducted an investigation whereby they obtained footage of you walking in public without assistance.  You're going to need the help of an experienced worker's compensation attorney who can take your case to trial and prove to the judge that you deserve to receive compensation for your injuries.

You Sustained Major Injuries

Another instance where it is important to hire an attorney is when you have sustained major injuries.  If your injuries are so severe that they impact your current or future ability to work and provide for yourself, you definitely want to bring in a worker's compensation attorney who can make sure the settlement offer you receive is an adequate amount.

Your worker's compensation attorney will bring in expert witnesses who can evaluate your injuries and substantiate your claims.  This will help to ensure that you are not the victim of a lowball settlement from your employer's insurance company.

You Believe You Are Not Receiving The Right Benefits

If you believe that the benefits you are receiving are incorrect, it's time to call a worker's compensation attorney.  This could range from you receiving only a portion of your regular pay while you are not working, or if the insurance company is refusing to cover expenses related to medical treatment or physical therapy.  Your attorney will carefully reviews the laws for your state and work to make sure you are receiving all of the benefits that you deserve.

Knowing when to hire a worker's compensation attorney is the best way for you to receive fair compensation for your injuries.  The next time you are hurt on the job, use this information so that you will know when it's time to get a worker's compensation attorney.