4 Tips For Your Child Custody Case

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4 Tips For Your Child Custody Case

12 January 2015
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As much as you might want your family to stay together, things don't always turn out like you want. When there are children involved, you want to make sure they aren't put in the middle of your heated battle with your ex. They need to be loved and cared for as if nothing is going on, more so in fact. To make sure your little ones aren't sucked into the middle of a big mess, follow the tips below for a successful child custody case.

Exercise as much time as you can with your children.

If your children aren't living with you right now, you want to spend as much time as you are able to with them. Be responsible when it comes to picking your children up for their visitations with you. If your child has some type of activity that prohibits them from spending time with you on their normal day, you should restructure your parenting time with them. In doing so, it shows the court that you are flexible and willing to change.

Keep journal records of when your children were with you.

Document the days and times your children were with you. Notate the time you picked them up and when you dropped them off. Write down any activities you did together. If you are responsible for paying child support, you want to write everything down in terms of how much you paid, what date you paid it, the check number of the payment and so on.

Children need to be buckled in properly.

Whatever you do, make sure your children are buckled in and using the proper car seats when they are riding with you. Depending on where you live, the laws regarding car seats are going to vary. Check for the weight and age limits to ensure you remain in compliance with the law.

Pay attention to your driving.

Your driving record is important. Anyone who is allowed to drive your children around should be a responsible driver. Individuals who have a bunch of speeding tickets or reckless driving citations shouldn't be allowed to transport your precious cargo around. This shows carelessness on your part. Act responsibly when they are in the vehicle with you.

By following the tips above, you can make sure your custody case goes by without a bunch of disagreements over who is going to do what and when. Also, make sure to hire a trusted family lawyer, such as The Huntsman Firm, to ensure you are taking all of the necessary steps for your children.