The Importance Of Hiring A Competent DUI Attorney

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The Importance Of Hiring A Competent DUI Attorney

9 December 2015
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A DUI arrest can cause stress for the subject of the arrest. While it is possible for the individual to go to court without an attorney and present their own case to the judge, it is not advisable. No matter the circumstances of a DUI charge, there is hope; this hope comes in the form of a competent, experienced DUI lawyer

Getting the Charges Dropped

It is entirely possible for a competent attorney to get a client's DUI charges dropped, especially if the circumstances causing the arrest are mild. If this is the client's first brush with the law, the attorney can likely get the charges dropped. If the client's blood alcohol content (BAC) was just a little over the legal limit and the client didn't commit any other crimes while intoxicated, the charges can likely be dropped. Likewise, if the attorney can prove that the client should not have been stopped in the first place, or that the client was not arrested properly (the officer did not advise the client of their rights at the time of the arrest), the charges can be dropped.

Getting the Charges Reduced

It is more likely that the lawyer can get the charges reduced. This will result in no jail sentence for the client, smaller fines and fees and a smaller black mark on the client's criminal record. Again, if the client never had any other legal issues and no prior arrests for DUI, if the prosecutor refuses to drop the charges completely, a competent defense attorney can work with the court to get the charges reduced.

Even if the client had a previous DUI, charges may still be reduced if the defense can show that there were extenuating circumstances such as an illness that caused the client to be medicated while driving. Again, this depends upon the circumstances of the case, the severity of the issues and the client's past history. The judge may require that the client do a trade for reduced charges, such as community service hours or substance abuse education classes. 

While a DUI charge can be scary, there are options and hope for clients. The services of a competent and experienced DUI attorney can take away much of the stress and uncertainty surrounding a DUI charge. The attorney will advocate for the client in front of the judge, and make valid legal arguments that can reduce the client's sentence or erase the charges.