Four Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Insurance Company From Taking Advantage Of You After An Accident

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Four Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Insurance Company From Taking Advantage Of You After An Accident

16 March 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

Insurance companies typically have extensive experience with analyzing claims and detecting loopholes that could allow them to avoid paying out large amounts for medical treatments.

You need to know what some of these potential loopholes are in order to avoid giving your insurance company an excuse not to honor your claim.

The following are four things that you need to make sure you're doing so that you can prevent your insurance company from taking advantage of you by denying your rightful claim:

Signing something that you haven't looked over with your attorney

You'll probably notice that representatives from your insurance company tend to be in a hurry when they need you to sign something. 

Insurance companies are generally eager to wrap up claims as fast as possible. However, you should definitely not sign anything regarding a claim without carefully considering what you're being offered and discussing it with your lawyer.

Documents your insurance company gives you to settle a claim will probably be complex and include a lot of fine print. Overlooking any of the complexities before signing could cost you dearly down the road, so always insist that you are given time to look over documents with your attorney before signing. 

Ignoring injuries initially

If you've been in a car accident, it's important to seek medical treatment for your injuries immediately. Waiting to see the doctor after an accident could raise suspicion at your insurance company. When you don't seek treatment right away, it looks like you're not really seeking compensation for medical costs but simply trying to cash in on your accident.

See a doctor immediately after your accident and make sure that your visit is carefully documented. 

Switching doctors or not following through with recommended treatments

A doctor's support usually proves to be decisive in pursuing a claim against an insurance company. Your doctor will probably need to provide you with expert testimony down the road.

You should, therefore, establish a good relationship with your doctor and stick with the same doctor to avoid looking unstable or needlessly confrontational. You should also conscientiously follow all of the treatment recommendations provided by your doctor. 

Making a recorded statement for your insurance company before you have consulted your attorney

If you go on record while making a statement to your insurance company, you could say something that could undermine your case without realizing it.

Advice and consultation from an attorney (such as one from Gibbs and Parnell) are important before any and all interactions with your insurance company. In fact, ideally, your lawyer should always be present during interactions.