You Need To Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

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You Need To Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

30 September 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

Have you become injured while at or because of work? Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer to help you get compensation for your injuries? An attorney may be the fastest or only way for you to get what you deserve. But if you've never had to hire a lawyer before, it can be confusing trying to figure out how to make sure that you get the right lawyer for your case. Fortunately, there are some questions to ask that will help you to decide. Some of these questions include:

Have you handled a case like this before? There are many different types of workplace injuries, some of which will have different rules or regulations that apply to them. For example, accidentally having your foot run over by a palette jack is different than getting tennis elbow as a direct result of your workplace duties. When looking for a workers compensation attorney, you'll want one who has as much experience with your particular circumstance as possible. While a lawyer can't share private information, he or she should be able to give you a basic outline of previous cases and what the outcomes of those cases were.

What fees do you charge? When you hire a workers compensation attorney from a firm like Lovett Schefrin Harnett, you shouldn't have to pay anything up front. Instead, he or she will take a percentage of whatever settlement you receive. However, you may also be responsible for additional fees once the lawyer has been paid. Your attorney may hire a private detective to investigate your workplace and find past workers who were similarly injured or there may be a doctor who will expect to be compensated for taking the time to testify in court. Depending on the lawyer you hire, you may need to pay these people out of your share of the settlement or the attorney will pay it out of theirs. Make sure you know which to expect before you hire anybody.

How long do cases like this take? If you have a really strong case with lots of evidence on your side, your workplace may be eager to offer you a sizable settlement, once they find out that you've hired a workers compensation attorney. On the other hand, some cases will inevitably wind up in the actual courtroom. Your lawyer will be able to draw on past experiences to let you know whether he or she believes that your case will come to a swift settlement or if it could potentially drag on for many months or years.