Making The First Moves With Your Workers' Comp Claim

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Making The First Moves With Your Workers' Comp Claim

23 May 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

It's safe to say that most people only think about the issue of workers' comp when they actually need it themselves. This valuable insurance coverage not only pays for your accident-related medical needs but can also provide you with a sum of money each week when you are unable to work because of that injury. When you do get hurt at work you are responsible for making the first moves to get the workers' compensation process started, so read on learn more about taking part in getting the help you need.

Seek medical care: Whether you head to the nearest emergency room, urgent care or your own doctor, getting medical treatment is a must. Not only is getting a professional evaluation important for your health and peace of mind, but you also cannot get any workers' comp coverage without it. Later on, you may need to switch to a different doctor depending on the rules of workers' comp in your location.

Let your supervisor know: To get coverage a claim must be filed, and your supervisor is probably the one who has to file that claim. This can vary so be sure to find out whose responsibility it is. No matter who does it be sure to scrutinize the claim form carefully and look for mistakes and omissions before you sign it. You are certifying that the information on the form is correct and wrong dates, times, witness names, and more could hold up your claim or even cause a denial of coverage. It should be noted, however, that you should seek medical care immediately and worry about the claim form later.

Follow doctors' orders: The evaluation of your condition by a doctor determines your work situation. If you are told to rest with no work for several weeks, then you should stay home and rest. The doctor will issue these work restrictions to you via a letter, and you should be sure to keep all correspondence from your doctor, your employer and the workers' comp carrier in an organized fashion. It will be the decision of your doctor whether or not you can return to work and when.

Undergo a special exam: In some cases, the workers' comp carrier will want more information about your condition, and they will ask you to participate in an exam performed by a special workers' comp doctor. If you refuse, you will likely lose benefits.

If you encounter problems at any step of the way you might need to seek the help of a workers' comp attorney. You can also check out a website like for more information.