Doing Something Dangerous At Work? Ensure These Things First

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Doing Something Dangerous At Work? Ensure These Things First

25 July 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but when it comes to embarking on any task that possesses a degree of danger, it's important to stop before you act. Of course, you want to do all that you can to lessen the risk of an injury, but you also need to think about covering yourself in the event that you are hurt. A good workers' compensation attorney is your best ally in the wake of an injury, but your employer may act like a foe and go to considerable lengths to refute your claim and keep you from being compensated. Before you do something dangerous, here are some things to ensure.

That It's During Work Hours

People can sometimes get hurt a short period of time after their shift, and their employer doesn't pay workers' compensation because the injury took place outside of work hours. The employer's rationale in such a scenario is that you shouldn't have been doing the job at this time, and they're not responsible for your injury. If you're about to embark on something dangerous, ensure that you're within your set hours of work. If it's close to the end of the workday, you may wish to hold over the task for the following day.

That You're Using Your Company's Equipment

Companies often provide equipment for their employees to use. If you're about to perform a dangerous task, you should be sure that the gear you're using belongs to the employer and has been supplied to you for the job. If you were to get hurt while using your own equipment, the employer's attorneys may argue that your own equipment was to blame and that you, not the employer, are thus negligent. If you're in a job in which you use your own equipment, be absolutely certain that it's the specific type of gear that your employer recommends.

That You're Wearing All of Your Safety Gear

You should also take a step back to ensure that you're wearing your safety gear. From time to time, employees can remove one or more pieces of their safety gear for different reasons. An injury that takes place when you're not wearing your gear can not only be more severe, but can make it difficult for you to get proper compensation for your medical expenses and suffering. Perform a quick top-to-bottom scan of your body to ensure that you have all of the safety gear that you should.

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