3 Ways To Be A More Organized Criminal Law Paralegal

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3 Ways To Be A More Organized Criminal Law Paralegal

1 September 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

As a criminal law paralegal, a big part of your job is making life easier for the attorneys at your firm. Criminal cases involve a large amount of complex paperwork, from arrest warrants to arraignment paperwork. While you were most likely hired in part for your keen organizational and document management skills, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few ways to become more organized as a criminal law paralegal.

Upgrade Your Attorney's Case File Jackets

While general format attorney case file jackets can do the trick, an even better option is to purchase case file jackets specifically designed for criminal cases. These case file jackets include information fields on the outside and inside pockets that are specific to criminal cases, such as arraignment and subsequent appearance dates, times, presiding judge, court location, and more. This allows you and the attorneys to know where you are supposed to be and what to expect on a given court date simply by glancing at the client's folder. On the inside pockets, you will find large areas for more confidential information, including witness interview notes.

Keep a Constantly Updated Electronic Calendar

Using an electronic calendar means you can check it from any device at any time, and you can also set calendar alerts for yourself that show up as notifications on your phone. As soon as a court date is set or a client makes an appointment with you or the attorney you support, add it to the calendar. Check your calendar at the beginning and end of each workday. Soon, this will become a habit. While it only takes a minute or so to check and update your electronic calendar, this simple task will prevent you from missing important meetings and deadlines. 

Keep Your Files Organized and Updated

Instead of letting important paperwork pile up on your desk, get into the habit of filing everything promptly, and in a way that both you and the attorneys can easily find it. Criminal cases are high-stakes with extremely important and often confidential paperwork. If your files are missing documents or completely unorganized, you may jeopardize your firm's cases. Once you have a system in place, updating your files may be a task you can delegate to a legal assistant or intern.

Following these tips to become more organized will help you become an even more valued team member on your firm's next criminal law case.

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