Who Can You Trust After A Car Accident?

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Who Can You Trust After A Car Accident?

24 October 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

Most people are not prepared to deal with the legal aspects of a car accident. Unfortunately, that can make accident victims more vulnerable to being taken advantage of by the insurer. Knowing who to trust after you've been injured is vital so read on to find out more.

Trust Your Own Insurer But Not The Other Guy's

If the other driver caused the wreck, you are entitled to be paid compensation for a number of losses. Unfortunately, the other driver's insurer may make things difficult if you aren't careful with what you say and do. You may be required to speak to your own insurer about the accident – it's probably in the small print of your auto policy. They are on your side but you must still be cautious about what you say. Just provide the facts as you know them. Don't speculate, guess, or apologize for anything. On the other hand, you are not required to speak to the other driver's insurance adjuster and you should never do so. Have them call your personal injury lawyer instead.

Trust Family and Not Social Media

It can be difficult to cope with the outcome of an accident. You may be traumatized in ways you never anticipated. All too often, accident victims turn to social media to post about the accident and that is never a good idea. You never know what your case will bring and you might be seriously jeopardizing your case by your postings. Everything you post can be made available to the other side and may come back to haunt you. For example, if you are claiming to be seriously hurt and asking for pain and suffering damages, your assurances to your friends on social media of your health might show otherwise.

Trust Your Attorney and Not Your Own Legal Expertise

Accident claims involve two extremely complicated subjects – the law and the medical field. Few people are versed in both areas and few that are would try to go it alone. Speak to a personal injury attorney about your case and get some expert help with proving fault and getting paid the compensation you deserve. Negotiating for a personal injury settlement is not for amateurs and the other side will have legal experts to represent their interests through their insurer. Make sure the claim is not one-sided. Speak to a personal injury attorney today and get the compensation you deserve.