Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Workers' Compensation Case?

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Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Workers' Compensation Case?

19 June 2020
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Ask almost any worker if they need their job, and they will almost certainly say yes. Our society is built upon the concept of working to earn enough money to pay important bills and living expenses. For this reason, getting injured while performing essential duties at work is cause for compensation, and most employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance plans. 

If you were injured at work, you may have a workers' compensation case. Some cases are easy for anyone to handle, but others require the services of a workers' compensation lawyer. To help you find out if you need a lawyer for your specific case, this article explains what workers' compensation lawyers do and the differences between simple and complex cases.

What A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Does

Workers' compensation lawyers strive to win their clients' the compensation they deserve for their work-related injuries. Usually, people hire these lawyers when their legitimate claims have been rejected. If you hire a workers' compensation lawyer, he or she will communicate with your employer's workers' compensation insurance provider, organize evidence of your injuries and recovery outcomes, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and represent you at legal hearings. These lawyers work specifically for you, not for an insurance company or your employer, so they have your best interest at heart. 

Simple Cases You Can Handle Yourself

Not all cases require the services of a workers' compensation lawyer. If your injury was relatively simple and required very little medical intervention and almost no time off work, the medical expenses associated with it will be so low that your case will likely be accepted without issue. If your employer admits that you were injured at work, your case likely already has enough evidence to move forward without a lawyer's support. So long as you don't have a preexisting condition that could complicate the injury, simple cases regarding small, well-documented injuries only require the services of a workers' compensation lawyer when they are rejected by the insurance provider.

Complicated Circumstances That Require A Lawyer's Help

There are many complications around workplace injuries and the insurance settlements that are supposed to help workers recover. If your injuries were the direct result of serious misconduct by your employer or anyone else, a lawyer can help you fight back. If your claim was rejected, your settlement was insufficient to cover your lost wages and medical expenses, your injuries have prevented you from working at your full capacity, or your boss retaliated against you for filing a claim, you need an attorney to support you through the legal processes required to set things right. If anything has complicated your case, don't hesitate to contact a lawyer for guidance.

To learn more about workers' compensation cases, contact a workers' compensation lawyer in your area.