What If Your Child Is Injured In A Car Accident?

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What If Your Child Is Injured In A Car Accident?

18 November 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

It's every parent's worse fear: getting a call that their child has been injured in a car accident. If you have experienced this fear in real life, you are not alone. Many people get the news that their child has been injured, and they want to know what to do next.

When your child is injured, you may want to know if you have a personal injury case. You just might. These are some of the things you should know about these types of cases.

Always Make Sure the Accident Is Reported to Police

No matter who was in the vehicle or who caused the accident, make sure that the accident is reported to police. This ensures that there is record of the accident and any injuries. This helps create an official report.

If Possible, Get Photos or Video of the Scene

It is possible that your child was in the vehicle with somebody who was not injured. As soon as you get word of the accident, see if this individual can take photos of the scene. If not, you may return to the scene to see if there are contributing factors you can photograph to help strengthen your child's case.

Get Photos of Injuries

The next step is to ensure that you take photos and videos of your child's injuries. Your case will be weeks or months in the future, and you need to have the evidence that the accident occurred and was serious. Your documentation will be used alongside medical records and bills as evidence in court.

Avoid Discussing the Case With Insurance Companies

In the days following the accident, insurance companies may get in touch with you to discuss fault and injuries. Avoid speaking to these individuals without talking to your attorney first. Additionally, do not sign any paperwork these companies send without consulting with your attorney first.

Take Notes

Your child may not have all the details to give you about the accident right away. Ensure that you take notes about the information that you receive from your child and anybody else involved in the accident. This will help you bring the right evidence to court when the time comes, especially if you were not at the scene of the accident.

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you have an injured child, the first step you should take is to seek medical treatment. Second, you should consult with a personal injury attorney. The attorney can ensure that your child's rights are represented in court or during settlement discussions.