What Is Race Discrimination And How Can You Deal With It?

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What Is Race Discrimination And How Can You Deal With It?

20 April 2021
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Have you been facing racial discrimination at work, and you cannot take it anymore? Many people globally face this problem but choose to ignore it just to keep their jobs because it's their source of livelihood. Unfortunately, staying silent isn't a solution to the situation as it encourages the oppressors to continue. 

So, if you realize your employer doesn't want to promote you based on your nationality or racial origins even though you are more qualified, or your colleagues make racial comments to you, you shouldn't ignore it. Understanding what to do can help you get compensation and teach the racists a lesson they'll never forget. Here are things you should know if you have been subjected to racial discrimination at work before you seek help from a race discrimination lawyer.

What Are the Primary Forms of Race Discrimination?

In your quest to find freedom and respect, you must know the kind of racial discrimination you face at work. Currently, there are four types of race discrimination. The first one is direct discrimination, where people treat you less favorably than other people of another race. For instance, you might make a mistake at work with a colleague who is of another race, then you get suspended, but they get a warning. Also, you might have the same work responsibilities, but you are paid less because of your racial origin. Indirect discrimination is also common, and it happens when workers of a certain race are favored over others even though the rules affect all workers.

The third kind of racial discrimination is victimization, where an individual is treated negatively when they complain about racial discrimination at work. They might complain about attitudes, racial comments, or stereotypes that relate to a specific ethnicity. 

Finally, there is harassment where one suffers unwanted conduct due to their race. This is done to humiliate, degrade, intimidate, offend, or violate someone's dignity.

What Should You Do if You Are Being Discriminated Against?

When you face discrimination based on your skin color, nationality, race, or ethnic origin, you should speak to a race discrimination attorney. The law professional will ask questions to understand your story, then ask for proof of your claims. This might be in the form of texts, emails, photos, or videos. Then, they will file a case if necessary and represent your interests so no one can do that to you again. If you win the case, you'll likely be compensated for the damages, and those who were responsible will be punished accordingly, so they can never do that to someone else.

If you think you have a case, contact a local race discrimination lawyer.