4 Things You Should Never Do During Your Divorce

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4 Things You Should Never Do During Your Divorce

29 July 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

The divorce process is rarely easy. Between fighting for child custody, property divisions, and spousal support negotiations, emotions may run high, leading you to make some regrettable decisions. For this reason, it's important to hire a divorce lawyer to bring soberness and amicability between you and your soon-to-be ex. That said, below are a few things you shouldn't do during your divorce. 

Don't Neglect Your Finances

When approaching a divorce, you need to ensure your financial records are in order and have money set aside for any expenses involved. Start by making copies of your legal records and financial documents before the divorce proceedings begin. These include your bank statements, investment records, tax returns, insurance policies, wills, returns, vehicle titles, and property deeds.

If some of your crucial documents are missing, consult a divorce lawyer for professional advice. They can even help you with the re-application processes, so you're ready when your divorce proceedings start. Again, ensure all your financial documents are inaccessible to your ex by keeping them in a secure location or with your divorce lawyer. 

Don't Take Advice From Friends and Family

Your loved ones certainly want the best for you, and it's only natural they may want to offer you divorce advice. However, the advice they give you is based on their personal experiences and may not apply to you. Remember, each divorce is unique. Also, the divorce laws in their state may be completely different from yours. 

If you need legal advice, the best person to talk to is a divorce lawyer. They'll examine the specifics of your case and give you professional advice. If the divorce process ends up in a courtroom, you can also count on them to guide you through all legal processes. 

Don't Discuss Your Case on Social Media

You may be tempted to bad-mouth your soon-to-be ex on social media. Perhaps they have neglected their parental duties or have been emotionally abusive. While your post will attract likes and comments from sympathizers, it may also lead to slander, gossip, and misinformation amongst your friends. If you have children, they may not be pleased to find their home life being gossiped about publicly. 

Besides, the first place your ex's lawyer will look at when they want information about you is your social media profiles. Any tarnishing information you have written may be used against you in a courtroom. Similarly, avoid sending any hurtful messages to your ex during this period, as they may also serve as evidence against you. 

Don't Use Your Kids as Pawns

While fighting for the custody of your children, you may make the mistake of getting your children to choose who they love most between you and your partner. You may even say hurtful words against your partner in their presence. Unfortunately, this may damage the relationship you have built with them over the years. 

If you want sole custody of your kids, gather strong evidence against your partner and present it to your divorce attorney. They'll represent you in court and prove the other party isn't fit to remain with the children.