Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Accident Scene Photos

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Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Accident Scene Photos

3 September 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Accident scene photos are often among the most valuable pieces of evidence in auto accident cases. Unfortunately, clients often make mistakes regarding accident scene photos that make their case more difficult to win.

The following are six mistakes to avoid regarding accident scene photos. 

Not taking any accident scene photos

The biggest mistake is not having any accident scene photos. You might not be able to take photos of the accident scene because you are severely injured in the accident. However, if you or someone who is with you at the time of the accident can take photos, then you should definitely get photos.

To win a case, you need evidence. Accident photos are a primary type of evidence when it comes to auto accident law. 

Only taking photos of the exterior of vehicles

It seems obvious to take photos of the accident scene on the exterior of the vehicles. However, sometimes photographing the interior of vehicles can be very valuable as well. Make sure that you consider interior vehicle photos to show damage or injury from the accident. 

Focusing only on the vehicles themselves

Sometimes, photos of the accident scene that don't include involved vehicles are more valuable than photos of the vehicles themselves. For example, photos of skid marks on the road can be very valuable in some cases. Also, photos of signs and traffic lights can also be valuable. 

Taking all photos from the same point of view or angle

Showing an accident scene from different angles is very important. Photographing the scene from numerous angles provides a more complete picture of the accident scene.

When you're taking pictures of an accident scene, it's hard to determine what the decisive factors will be when the case is resolved later on in court. Therefore, taking as many photos as possible from all different perspectives is a good idea. 

Assuming it's too late for pictures after the accident event

Perhaps you were unable to get photos of the accident scene right when the accident happened. However, this doesn't mean that it's too late for photos.

You might still be able to take photos of damage from the accident after the fact. You can also take photos of traffic signs that are pertinent to the case in the days and weeks after the accident.  

Failing to provide a sense of scale in the images

Make sure that you don't zoom in too much when taking accident photos. It helps to include some perspective in photos so that those looking at the photos have a sense of scale in the image.

This is especially important if you're photographing vehicle damage. If you photograph a dent on a vehicle, include other items in the photo next to the dent so that photo viewers have a sense of how large it is. 

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