Instances To Hire A Divorce Lawyer For Your Child Custody Case

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Instances To Hire A Divorce Lawyer For Your Child Custody Case

4 February 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Child custody cases can quickly get out to hand if not handled well. Often, you will need a separate hearing on top of your divorce trials to determine a child custody arrangement. But a mistake here or there can quickly compromise your interests.

So if facing such a case, it is best to hire a divorce lawyer to avoid errors. They know how to handle everything that pertains to child custody with much accuracy. Here are a few instances when you will need your divorce lawyer for a child custody battle.

When Handling a Complicated Case

In a child custody court, the judge decides who gets physical custody of the kids and who can get legal custody. In legal custody, you make decisions pertaining to the child's vital aspects. But, on the other hand, physical custody offers you a chance to care for the children daily.

Though these two imperatives seem different, they are equally important. Remember that a mistake can deny you rights over your children, whether physically or legally.

When Your Partner Hires a Lawyer

Some couples opt to hire the same lawyer for their child custody case. While doing this seems like a cost-saving strategy at first, it might end up wreaking havoc down the line. In fact, the lawyer can become partial and ignore the needs of one parent. 

It is best to hire a lawyer to table your interests to avoid such issues. With your partner having their own lawyer, you can both play on level ground with all the legal advice presented by both lawyers.

When the Children Are in Danger

It is vital to protect your children at all times. If you think they are in danger, discuss the issues with a divorce lawyer to forge the way forward. For instance, you need a lawyer if the other parent lives in conditions that seem hostile for the little ones. 

In that case, an attorney will help you table your thoughts and feelings with enough evidence to support the claims. Then, the court can change the custody arrangement if the judge deems it necessary through the hearing. Besides that, you can get an emergency hearing if your children desperately need some relief.

When a Significant Change Occurs

Things can drastically change after divorce. For example, your income might increase or decrease. Furthermore, you can remarry or get a new job that affects your residence and schedule. In any of these scenarios, your will lawyer can help you make the adjustments required on the child custody arrangement.

As seen above, reaching out to a divorce lawyer during a child custody battle is crucial. So instead of handling this emotionally-draining process alone, it's usually best to bring a lawyer on board. Reach out to a local divorce attorney to learn more.