The Stages Your Compensation Process May Go Through After You Accidentally Slip Or Trip

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The Stages Your Compensation Process May Go Through After You Accidentally Slip Or Trip

19 July 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

The primary purpose of seeking compensation after an accident is to enable you to get compensation for your losses. Therefore, when filing a claim after accidentally slipping or tripping, it is important to know how long the process will take and when you can expect to receive compensation. Your claim may take several months or years to resolve, depending on the measures you take after your accident. The best way to hasten the process is by working with a personal injury lawyer because they will know the measures to take to prevent hitches in the following stages:

Lawsuit Preparation

Lawsuit preparation is the most crucial phase of the compensation process. What you do at this stage can make or break your lawsuit and helps determine the payment amount you will get for your injuries. This is why you should consider hiring a slip and fall lawyer to prepare the case for you. They enlist the services of medical and engineering experts to determine how the accident happened and how you sustained your injuries. Your legal advisor also gathers any additional evidence they feel will strengthen your claim to enable you to get a favorable payment.

Settlement Negotiations

After your lawyer and the other party develop their evidence, they set a day for settlement negotiations. The respective legal teams can decide to have an informal discussion or a formal mediation or arbitration. Whatever mode they choose, all parties want to remain objective and reach an amicable solution, avoiding the cost and risk of trial. Your attorney will represent your position and rights in the negotiations. They produce compelling evidence against the at-fault party and describe the injuries you sustained in the crash. The documents they present will also include the amount they consider necessary to cover all your losses. The legal teams will then negotiate for a suitable settlement.

Trial and Judgment

There is a possibility that the at-fault party's attorney will argue that the compensation you're seeking is higher than what you deserve. In this case, your lawyer might decide to file a claim in court so that the judge can evaluate the evidence and rule on the payment you should get. The court may allocate your case several days or weeks, depending on the evidence you and the defendant expect to table. During this time, your personal injury law attorney and the at-fault party's legal team will argue the case and present witnesses to testify for both teams. Finally, the judge will evaluate the information presented and award you the settlement they feel will cover your losses.

The duration that your slip and fall case will take depends on the length of each stage in the process. A lawyer can use different strategies to expedite the process and enable you to get your rightful compensation in a timely manner.

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