3 Mistakes That Lead To Disability Benefits Getting Turned Rejected

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3 Mistakes That Lead To Disability Benefits Getting Turned Rejected

2 December 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

The government instituted the disability program to support people who cannot work to make a living because of their disability. More so, the process of claiming the benefits can be straightforward. However, many people make small mistakes or fail to follow crucial rules and regulations. As a result, their claims get rejected, and they are forced to start over or make appeals. That said, a disability lawyer can help you avoid or fix mistakes in the application process to prevent a denial on the first application. Check whether you might have made one or more of the following mistakes, leading to a claim denial.

Did You Attach Enough Medical Evidence?

Many people know that the claims process can lead to long-term financial support from the government. More so, while a percentage of the cases are genuine, some people claim for injuries and disabilities that don't fall under the categories that qualify for benefits. In addition, others exaggerate the seriousness of their injuries. In response to these cases, you should know that the department is very keen on the medical evidence you attach to a claim. As such, you cannot simply claim you are unable to work and get benefits. Hence, hiring a lawyer is the first step in ensuring you gather the right medical evidence to support your claim. In this case, they will guide you to the right specialist, like a doctor or psychologist, and get you a proper diagnosis.

Did Your Earlier Application Get Rejected?

Following up to get benefits is different if you made an application before and failed. Besides, most people abandon the process when turned down, only to come back years later and try afresh. However, you should follow the appeal process once your application gets rejected. More importantly, you should hire a competent disability lawyer for the appeal. Additionally, schedule a consultation before making a fresh application to avoid another rejection.

Did You Follow Orders from the Medical Specialist?

You also need to follow orders from the health practitioner for your claim process to work smoothly. Note that the administration will deny you benefits if they look into your files and discover that you haven't cooperated with the doctor's orders. As such, your application and papers must show that you are trying to improve through medical treatment, therapy and rehabilitation, and other proven ways of healing. A lawyer can also walk you through the documents that help you show that you are following the doctor's orders.

As you can see, it is crucial to start your disability claim application process by seeking the counsel of a social security disability lawyer. With their help, making a claim and getting approval becomes easy and fast.