If you rent a house or an apartment, it's very beneficial to know the laws that protect tenants. Hi, my name is Sally Riddell and when I moved into my first apartment, I wanted to make sure that I knew all of the laws concerning the rights of tenants. I researched tenant laws and I also spoke with a family friend who is a lawyer to make sure that I understood my responsibilities and rights as a tenant. Because I knew this information before I started renting my apartment, I felt confident when signing my rental agreement. If you're considering living in a rental home or apartment, I suggest that you read my blog first. If you are already renting, this blog will also help you if you ever have any concerns.

Fighting False Allegations: Don’t Give Your Accuser Any New Ammunition

6 February 2015
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While physical violence is a serious issue, so are false accusations of bodily harm. But not every single allegation is true. If you've just been handed a temporary restraining order (sometimes called an order of protection), you're probably angry, embarrassed, and a little scared. What do you do? Is there even a way to fight the charges, when it seems like it was so easy for someone to go into court and make up or exaggerate a tale of violence? Read More …

Tips On Dealing With US Border Control Agents

29 January 2015
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For many immigrants, the first step to being allowed to legally immigrate to the United States is being cleared by customs agents at the airport. It's important that those who are immigrating to the country do not underestimate the stringency of this process and do not arrive in the United States missing important documentation. The following are four important tips on getting past US customs agents when arriving into the United States at the airport: Read More …

Learn How To Legally Protect Your Gym From A Lawsuit

20 January 2015
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If you own a small gym, you need to take the time to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit. If someone is injured in the gym, by accident or purposefully, they could sue you for their medical bills, as well as their pain and suffering. There are some people who will target a small business for a lawsuit because they assume that the business owner has not taken the time to properly protect him or herself. Read More …

How To Increase Your Social Security Payments

6 January 2015
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As you likely know, the sum of your Social Security payments largely depends on your employment history, your age, and the amount of dependents you have. However, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to increase your social security payments as long as you make the right decisions. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that. Retire Late If you want to maximize the social security payments that you will receive, it's best that you retire later rather than earlier. Read More …