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Contemplating a Contamination Suit

31 January 2017
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Everyone has the right to live in a place of health and safety, no matter what section of town or how cheap the housing prices are in a particular area. Sadly, the instances of property contamination are all too common, and the ability to get property compensated for the harm done can vary widely. No matter what the source of the contamination, from ground water to accidentally moving into a home where crystal methamphetamine was manufactured, there is always the potential to make the negligent party pay. Read More …

Expecting Alimony After the Divorce? Stay Alert to These Devious Money-Hiding Practices

4 January 2017
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When you build a life with someone, you become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle because of their income being considered as something you have access to. In these situations, it is not at all uncommon for a divorce judge to determine you are entitled to alimony or some form of spousal support after the divorce. The only problem is, just because you feel you are entitled to alimony, your soon-to-be ex partner probably will not be happy with being expected to support you partially after your divorce. Read More …