If you rent a house or an apartment, it's very beneficial to know the laws that protect tenants. Hi, my name is Sally Riddell and when I moved into my first apartment, I wanted to make sure that I knew all of the laws concerning the rights of tenants. I researched tenant laws and I also spoke with a family friend who is a lawyer to make sure that I understood my responsibilities and rights as a tenant. Because I knew this information before I started renting my apartment, I felt confident when signing my rental agreement. If you're considering living in a rental home or apartment, I suggest that you read my blog first. If you are already renting, this blog will also help you if you ever have any concerns.

3 Ways An Attorney Recruiter Will Make Your Job Search Easier

21 December 2021
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Whether you intend to transition to a new position, take an associate position, or start your legal career, job hunting can be a little overwhelming. Sifting through job boards and websites to find a position you're qualified for is no easy task. And even if you succeed in getting a job you can apply for, doing the prep work can be tricky. That's why you need to outsource this task to an attorney recruiter. Read More …

4 Things To Know About Fighting A Speeding Ticket In Court

17 November 2021
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Did you get a speeding ticket that you feel is unfair? If so, know that you have the option to fight it. Here is what you need to know about fighting this ticket in court. Your Case May Be Dismissed The easiest way to get out of a speeding ticket is based on luck. If you go to court over your speeding ticket and the reporting officer doesn't show up, then your ticket is going to get dismissed on the spot. Read More …

How A Business Lawyer Can Help You With Contracts

27 September 2021
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Putting an agreement in writing and getting all involved parties to sign on the dotted line is often referred to as creating a contract. As a business owner, you might have ongoing agreements that you need to honor every day with your customers, your employees, and your vendors. Just as you honor your side of these arrangements, you expect these people to hold up their end of the bargain as well. Read More …

Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Accident Scene Photos

3 September 2021
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Accident scene photos are often among the most valuable pieces of evidence in auto accident cases. Unfortunately, clients often make mistakes regarding accident scene photos that make their case more difficult to win. The following are six mistakes to avoid regarding accident scene photos.  Not taking any accident scene photos The biggest mistake is not having any accident scene photos. You might not be able to take photos of the accident scene because you are severely injured in the accident. Read More …

4 Things You Should Never Do During Your Divorce

29 July 2021
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The divorce process is rarely easy. Between fighting for child custody, property divisions, and spousal support negotiations, emotions may run high, leading you to make some regrettable decisions. For this reason, it's important to hire a divorce lawyer to bring soberness and amicability between you and your soon-to-be ex. That said, below are a few things you shouldn't do during your divorce.  Don't Neglect Your Finances When approaching a divorce, you need to ensure your financial records are in order and have money set aside for any expenses involved. Read More …