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If you rent a house or an apartment, it's very beneficial to know the laws that protect tenants. Hi, my name is Sally Riddell and when I moved into my first apartment, I wanted to make sure that I knew all of the laws concerning the rights of tenants. I researched tenant laws and I also spoke with a family friend who is a lawyer to make sure that I understood my responsibilities and rights as a tenant. Because I knew this information before I started renting my apartment, I felt confident when signing my rental agreement. If you're considering living in a rental home or apartment, I suggest that you read my blog first. If you are already renting, this blog will also help you if you ever have any concerns.

Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney For An Uncontested Divorce Case

29 August 2023
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In many cases, filing for divorce no longer means needing to prove that grounds for divorce exist. Instead, if both parties agree that there are unreconcilable differences, the parties may choose to file for an uncontested divorce. Generally speaking, uncontested divorce cases are much simpler than traditional divorce cases and can often result in fewer court appearances and a shorter waiting time before a divorce decree can be issued. However, this simplified process does not always mean that there is no need to hire a divorce attorney. Read More …

4 Critical Probate Steps For Executors

24 July 2023
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Did you have a loved one recently pass away? Were you named the executor of the loved one's estate? This is likely a difficult time. You may be grieving the loss of your loved one while also dealing with their estate and finances. As executor, it's your job to guide the estate through probate. Probate is the legal process of settling one's estate. Probate can be complex depending on the size of the deceased's estate. Read More …

Dealing With Dental Injuries After A Vehicle Accident

21 June 2023
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It's easy to see how a car crash could cause your teeth to be damaged. Even when you are safely buckled in and are in a vehicle with airbags, you can still end up with broken and missing teeth. If the other driver caused the accident, it is possible to seek compensation for dental work after a car accident. Dental injuries sustained because of a car accident can be included as part of a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Read More …

How To Make Your Estate Plan As Ironclad As Possible

15 May 2023
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No law firm can guarantee that an estate will survive every possible challenge. However, you can do a handful of things to improve the odds that your estate planning will be as ironclad as possible. Plan for Taxes Federal, state, and local governments have the best chances of upending an estate if the decedent's taxes aren't paid in full. They have immense leverage to demand payment. Also, they can force an estate with unpaid debts into probate or bankruptcy if it proves incapable of paying all of the outstanding tax bills. Read More …

Can A Driver With A Sleep Disorder Be Found Liable For An Auto Accident?

4 April 2023
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Nobody wants to fall asleep while driving. Unfortunately, some motorists suffer from sleep disorders and fall asleep behind the wheel. When this happens, the motorist might lose control and crash into your vehicle. You must prove that the other driver fell asleep and caused the accident to avoid being stuck with medical bills. Sleep Disorders That Can Lead to Accidents Various sleep disorders can lead to auto accidents. These include sleep anemia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and periodic limb movement disorder. Read More …