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How To Handle Being In A Car Accident

13 February 2015
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Car accidents happen. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 5.6 million car crashes reported in 2013; so the likelihood of you being in some sort of car accident over time is actually quite high. There are some things you should keep in mind if you find yourself in an accident to keep from making matters worse (at least legally). Here is how you should react when someone hits you and your car. Read More …

Make Sure You Have The Right Lawyer To Help You With Your Car Accident

23 January 2015
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When you get into a car accident it may be found to be your fault. If you are at fault for your car accident, there are several things that could end up happening. Those things can range from traffic tickets to jail time, depending on why the accident happened and the results of the accident. If you are facing some of those consequences, you will need to have some professional help. Read More …

4 Tips For Your Child Custody Case

12 January 2015
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As much as you might want your family to stay together, things don't always turn out like you want. When there are children involved, you want to make sure they aren't put in the middle of your heated battle with your ex. They need to be loved and cared for as if nothing is going on, more so in fact. To make sure your little ones aren't sucked into the middle of a big mess, follow the tips below for a successful child custody case. Read More …

6 Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

4 January 2015
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Whether you have previously been in trouble with the law before or not, a DUI conviction can negatively affect your life. It is treated as a serious criminal offense and the punishments can be harsh. Here are six consequences of a DUI conviction. Jail Time One of the more serious consequences of a DUI conviction is jail time. If the judge gives you a jail sentence, you can lose your job and be away from your family for a while. Read More …

When To Hire An Attorney For Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

2 January 2015
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Understanding the best route to take when you've been injured at work can sometimes be a bit confusing.  If you work for a company that has a widely posted plan in place for anyone who happens to hurt themselves on the job, you may believe that you can simply contact your employer's insurance company, file a claim and quickly receive restitution.  However, there are certain instances where you need to obtain legal representation if you want your claim to be processed efficiently. Read More …