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6 Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

4 January 2015
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Whether you have previously been in trouble with the law before or not, a DUI conviction can negatively affect your life. It is treated as a serious criminal offense and the punishments can be harsh. Here are six consequences of a DUI conviction. Jail Time One of the more serious consequences of a DUI conviction is jail time. If the judge gives you a jail sentence, you can lose your job and be away from your family for a while. Read More …

When To Hire An Attorney For Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

2 January 2015
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Understanding the best route to take when you've been injured at work can sometimes be a bit confusing.  If you work for a company that has a widely posted plan in place for anyone who happens to hurt themselves on the job, you may believe that you can simply contact your employer's insurance company, file a claim and quickly receive restitution.  However, there are certain instances where you need to obtain legal representation if you want your claim to be processed efficiently. Read More …